My Intention of Picking You

One day I passed my neighbour's front yard, the laundry rack was fell down, things (towels, clothes, socks..) were everywhere on the ground (such a mess). Does this sounds similar to you, something you have experienced ever in life? And the other day, one of my friends, who is living in high level with open balcony, sent me a funny photo (as below) and grumbled about her weak laundry rack always giving headache when it's windy.

Then I start to concern: is there a kind of rack that can get us out of such hassle? Until I sourced this strong foldable X rack, specially designed for wind resistancy - how it's shaped and detailed is to ensure it can stand in strong gale!

You hardly find silmilar products on local markets or even on ebay and/or Amazon advertising it's wind resistant. We can say it, as our product has patent in China already and what I picked is the top of the range!

You may have concern about the price as it's costy comparing to the common ones in Kmart/Big W, but think this way:

  • Sth. with the quality that can last for life time, comparing to Sth. you change every few years,
  • Sth. gets you out of laundry trouble and make your house life easier, comparing to Sth. not really helpful at all.

It definitely worths the money you pay with it's functions (mobility, wind resistant, high capacity, easy operated and space saving, with no rusty, no flaking paint). 

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